Jeannie Zakharov is an editor and writer working in Hanoi for 18 months as a communications advisor for a non-government organisation.


3 responses to “About

  1. meredith

    Hi Jeannie
    Great to see you’ve started a blog. Thanks for letting me know. Your comments about the mobile side of life (on and from the motorbikes) and about the footpaths are absolutely spot on. I love the flikr photos too. Look forward to a blog entry about ha long bay and also the temple festival. The puppets were great!Mx

  2. kate

    Hi Jeannie,
    Sua chua ca phe sounds great…and first read about it your “Postcards from Hanoi – Coffee Town” story in the Flemington Kensington News. Being local (Kensington) resident, coffee, and Hanoi lover, the story took me to your blog. I am sorry to not have tried sua chua ca phe when in Hanoi last October.
    I am also interested in apparel and textile tales from Vietnam and love your photos.
    best wishes

    • Hi Kate

      Thanks for you comments!

      Next time you are in Hanoi you should check out a gallery called 54 Traditions. They are a short walk north of the Old Quarter at 30 Hang Bun Street. They sell all sorts of textiles, clothing, tools and other things made by Vietnam’s different peoples. The name of the gallery refers to the 53 ethnic minorities in the country, plus the majority Viet Kinh.

      This is their website: http://www.54traditions.com.vn



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